Jesus the Leader

Though he never started an organization he left a legacy far beyond the effect of his ministry to a few thousand people in ancient Palestine.
He leads his disciples in his vision casting, planning, goal setting, mentoring, decision making, team building and delegation. He was a minister and a leader. Teaching and training of the disciples become more important than ministry as the time of entrusting the message to the twelve, becomes closer, for instance, there are only six instances of miracles after Jesus journey to Jerusalem, compared with at least thirty, in His early Galilean ministry.
Jesus understood that the world would not be changed by ministry alone, or by what He alone could accomplish. It would take direct leadership of the 12 and the 70 to achieve his purpose. Leadership is whatever we do to facilitate other people to do ministry or to facilitate others to do leadership. Leadership comes from a belief of something yet unseen, not just meeting needs that you see.
Friend, lead and lead well. Leadership maximizes your life. Ministry builds individuals, but leadership builds the church. Through ministry you can build a reputation but only by leadership can we leave a legacy.


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