The Code Breaker

In the war when the allies wanted to send battle plans across the continent, they did so in code so if the note was intercepted, the message couldn’t be understood. When the enemy heard the coded message it sounded silly to them; they couldn’t understand it. They needed a code breaker which when the applied to the message would make it sensible.
Jesus the head of the church also send signals and impulse to the body but often they seem to be in a code that some believers can’t understand. They need a code breaker and that code breaker is the cross. When Jesus the Word or message was made flesh, the language he spoke was not just Aramaic but the language of humility. Phil 2. Tells us He came without reputation in the form of a servant. He humbled himself and was obedient even to the death on a cross.
Now that He has been exalted, we think that He will have stopped sending messages in the language of humility, serving, giving and dying. But the messages from the Head is still the same. Many times we miss hearing because we have not embraced the “decoder”.
In an earthly army, everyday could be your last. As they walk to another day off fighting, they release themselves to death. They know that when the charge is sounded, they must arise from the trenches and face a hail of enemy lead. Some may be cut down; they embrace death even before they face the moment. When the captain yells out charge they don’t have to weigh it up, all that has been done. They are already dead. They just stand and fight.
Friend, Peter said that we should also count ourselves as sheep for slaughter, then we would be ready to obey whenever the One who loved us so much, asks from us an act of humility and sacrifice.


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