The lepers shuffled slowly toward the outside of the camp of Israel, in order to meet the priest who could declare them clean. The lepers in Israel were to live in isolation. Still today leprosy is a type of sin and pride and some of Gods people end up in isolation because of the leprosy of pride. Perhaps they couldn’t get their way or took offence in the local church. They became bitter, as the leprosy of pride broke out in their soul.
Many say the church let them down; they felt the church didn’t give them a fair go or they felt they should have been made elder or song leader or some position but now they are out in the wilderness.
It’s fair to say that one of the most common reasons people leave church, is from them taking offence stemming from their own pride.  Once the leprosy of pride  rises in their soul however,  something else kicks in – Divine resistance. Would God do that? Absolutely. God is very likely to take his own advice. Jesus said “If one member of your body is likely to damage the rest of your members,  cut it off. Loose one member for the sake of the body.  If you can find a believer who can’t find a church they can fit in with (tells you straight away they have a problem) it may well be because God is protecting the body from them, till they repent and can fit into a church again. Progress in Gods kingdom is up to God.
Friend, if you’re out of fellowship or not in a local church that you love, check your “skin”  If you are isolated from the body of Christ and things are hard your might think it is the devil or that it is the just the bad time of the year, but if you’re in pride, it could be that you are being resisted by God  James said “God resists the proud by give grace to the humble”.  Ahh, there’s the way back!


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