Joseph- Ruler in a Day


Joseph walked to where his brothers were keeping the family sheep, sure that they would be glad to see him. Little did he know that they were very jealous of him and planned to kill him? Eventually through the actions of the first-born brother Reuben he was not killed but only sold to traders on their way to Egypt. The only beloved son of Israel, becomes the one sold to Egypt buy his brethren freedom but also becomes the incredible picture of Glorification or what God finally plans for His children. We are trained in this world but are destined for the throne of heaven. It seems incredible; about as incredible as a prisoner becoming a governor in one day. In one day we shall be made immortal and raised up to sit with Christ upon a royal throne. Even though we are already there in the spirit, right now we don’t look that different from everyone else. The world cannot see that you are a king or prince or the son of God.
Joseph looked like a prisoner to everyone else; just the same as every other person in the cells but God had a Day coming.
Friend, like Reuben before Him, our first born Brother of the new creation stepped up to keep us from death so that eventually we may reign. Today all creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.  One day the sons will rise from the prison of the earth to rule with the King in the kingdom. But even today creation is waiting for you to rise up and rule your part of the “heavenlys” today.


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