Restored Feet

The servant washes the feet of guests. This was part of eastern hospitality. But the great servant that the prophet Isaiah said would come has washed our feet that we can fellowship with God.

The Christian life is likened to a walk or sometimes to the journey of Israel. This means that our life and our progress in the Lord is symbolized by the state or position of our feet. While we are walking we are either making progress or sometimes we can be trapped by the feet. Either our feet are on the enemy’s neck or the enemies has us under his feet. There are things which cause our feet to be snared, stumble or stray. Our feet can wander in circles in the wilderness or turn to the left and to the right. The Bible tells us our feet can be secure or they may be slipping. We are told there is blessing depending on where we put our feet. If we stand in the house of Lord we will be blessed, but not if we stand with scoffers and mockers. Most times the position and condition of someone’s feet speaks of the heart of that person. On our journey to the heart of Jesus, we watch our heart,  because the condition of the heart always influences the direction of the feet. Feet only go where the heart has gone. If the heart is in bondage the feet will be in bondage. It the heart is in victory and dominion the feet will be too. Friend, keep your heart with all diligence because where your heart goes your feet will soon follow.


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