Feet and heart

Blind Bart had waited a long time for this moment. When he heard that Jesus was coming by, he lifted his voice above the babble of excitement from the gathered crowd, and shouted “Son of David have mercy on me.” When Jesus stopped and healed his eyes blind, Bart immediately followed the Lord on the road. Bar – Timaeus, the Son of uncleanness followed the Son of Righteousness. When Bart’s eyes could see, he walked after Jesus. Similarly when God wants to heal the way we walk, He heals the eyes of our heart.
What is important to understand is that the feet represent the condition of the heart in the disciple. The feet only follow our heart, so to change the way we walk, He enables our hearts to see. God doesn’t start or finish with rules. God doesn’t try to change the way we act, He changes our heart.
Old Testament Israel, had a change of religion but they never had change of heart, till the finally saw the heart of God the Father. When they saw the heart of Father, revealed by Christ on the cross, their hearts were changed and their lifestyle changed. That is how our hearts are changed; by seeing the heart of God, in Christ.
Friends, God is not seeking to change our behaviour but our identity and who we see God to be, because a person with a new identity lives a new life. A person with a new heart can and will change themselves.


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