Daily Bread

The people emerged from their tents all across the camp and stretched themselves in the early morning sun. The kids were running around and mothers were poking the fire to life as the men returned from their early morning walk. To collect manna they had to go outside the camp, away from the hustle and bustle of the camp. The manna that fell in the wilderness was fresh every morning. It never lasted over night so every day they had to go out to collect it. If they tried to keep it longer, it just stunk.
We have all found that yesterdays grace is never sufficient for today. Everyday has its own troubles and every day God has the grace to face those troubles but you do have to collect it!
We know we were saved by grace through faith, but once we are saved we still need his Grace to serve God acceptably. Grace is God’s help to live right. Grace empowers you and strengthens you. Grace will help you to get on with one another and help you to live in peace with people. When we admitted our need at the altar we received grace, but every day since, we still depend upon grace.
Friend, we can’t begin the Spirit and expect to made perfect in the flesh; it is grace all the way. It’s not too late today to get out of your “tent” and go gather some grace!


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