Prisoner of the Lord

Paul spent the last five years of his life in various prisons on the way to trial in Rome under armed guard, but he never saw himself as a prisoner of the Romans or a prisoner of the devil but a prisoner of the Lord. He believed he was not a prisoner of circumstance but a captive of the Lord.
All the people put the prison in the bible, were there because they served God, not because they committed a crime. A king put Jeremiah in prison – Herod put John the Baptist in prison, Nebuchadnezzar put Daniel in prison and roman rulers put Paul in prison but he never saw himself in any circumstance, apart from in the hand of God.
Perhaps you seem to be in prison yourself at present. May be emotionally you can’t seem to be free because there is someone who stifles you all the time with put downs and manipulation. Perhaps circumstantially you are stuck financially, or stuck with boss that is unkind or arrogant.
When you’re a prisoner you don’t usually have any say about who’s in your cell! When we are prisoner of the Lord we don’t have much say, either or you know what we would do? We’d remove all the people from our life that we didn’t like. We would remove all the difficult parts of our job and lives right?
We would change all the challenging circumstances that help us to grow up.
Paul believed that there iwas a devil working against him but God is giving or allowing the circumstances so Paul could fulfil his assignment upon the earth.
Though not invited or initiated by God it would be turned for good by God. Some prisons are even necessary for Gods purpose and our good. We see this in life that Joseph were all his troubles were necessary for him to fulfil his destiny and bring blessing to so many others. In the prison God was working for his promotion. Even when Jonah was in the fish stomach prison, God was working to make him a success and to enable him to complete his assignment. Paul said “I know that I shall be delivered eventually through your prayer and the Holy Ghost” and he was eventually released. Prisons always have an ending.
Friend, God wants all of his people to succeed and if God has you in a prison for a limit time and for a specific purpose thank God he’s helping you fulfil your destiny and calling. Talk to the “Prison Keeper” about the assignment he has for you while you are in His prison.


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