Ask Me

In the middle day Jesus was sitting on a well waiting for a Samaritan woman.

The disciples had gone into the city to buy some food. When they came back they were surprised and amazed that Jesus was talking to a woman. This woman was a sinner, a Samaritan and the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans. Jesus had been waiting for her for a long time. Under the law nobody would wait to meet a Samaritan. The Samaritans were considered unclean and Samaritan women considered unclean from the moment of their birth. The pot she had was considered unclean and no Jew would want to drink from it
She comes to the well and finds the “Well” sitting on the well. Ancient people believed in holy geography. That there were special places and holy sites where God could be found. For Samaritans it was Gerizim and for the Jews it was Jerusalem. The well became a holy place which was not Samaritan or Jewish.
This is the well with that Jacob found his wife and Jewish men particularly, would avoid the connotations of standing at the well waiting for women. When Jesus told her to call her husband she may have thought he was asking whether she was available. Jesus broke all the cultural norms in to reach her.
The point is that this Samaritan woman is from the wrong culture, the wrong side of the tracks and the wrong sex to think that she could ever know God for herself. Her wrong lifestyle too, meant she was out of covenant and out of favour, but Jesus is waiting for her.
He says to her “If you knew me, you would ask and I would give you living water so that you thirst no more”. Sinful Gentile woman, just ask and I’ll give you a spring that springs up to eternal life.
Sinful person if you only knew Jesus and his love. Jesus came and waited for you, so you could receive. If you knew me…how I feel about you, how much I care and want to free you… you would ask. You would you feel bold and be encouraged to ask and I would give a new life that is thirst quenching, freely given and abundantly satisfying.
Friend, Jesus still feels the same. He is more willing to give than you think. Just ask..


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