Our Defender

The Pharisees found the women in the middle of committing adultery. They brought her to Jesus in the middle of his teaching lesson. This would be a lesson no one would forget.
They said to Jesus “Moses said this women should be stoned what do you say”? As the Pharisees wait for an answer of judgement on the adulterous women, Jesus stooped over and wrote with His finger on the ground.
They keep asking Him so He said “Ok the one who is without sin should cast the first stone. He goes back to writing. John 8
Slowly they all slink away convicted by their own conscience. Jesus asks “Is there no who condemns you? There was none and Jesus said “I do not condemn you either go and sin no more.”

The Pharisees had had no concept of God’s mercy and forgiveness for sinners. Grace shifts the emphasis from who has sinned to who hasn’t. It shifts the emphasis from the guilty to who isn’t. Grace separates the sinner from those that would condemn and delivers the sinner into freedom. Jesus stilled the voice of the accusers and displays a mercy that had the power to change.

They misunderstood the purpose of the law. The purpose of the law was not to bring death to people but death to sin. Yes the law is a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. The Pharisees wanted the right thing to be done but Father wants the right Person to be met.

Was Jesus saying there was anything wrong with the law?
There is nothing wrong with the law in its ability to condemn us but it can’t help us live up to its standard. Through His love, forgiveness and empowering grace Jesus fulfils the law not destroys it. The purpose of the law is life and righteousness. As Jesus released grace the law could be fulfilled in her life.
The only one without sin cast no stones. Instead Jesus says “Go and sin no more”. Grace doesn’t let us off to carry on sinning but it tells us what is now possible. Grace releases empowering gratitude and life changing self-worth and value.
The best thing that happened to the woman was that she was caught and brought to Jesus. Grace and truth gives us power to change our lives.
Friend all of us were caught by the law but freed by love! Jesus is more forgiving than you think.


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