Receive Life

God wants us to come into His presence. He has done everything He needed to do, to make us acceptable to Him. It is not just a relationship that God wants but intimate fellowship with Him.
Too many saints have settled for a relationship. God is our Father and we are His children- which is true but the purpose of relationship is fellowship. Relationship is His gift to us – fellowship is our gift to Him. As a child we want to fellowship with Him until we receive Life from Him.
God placed Adam and Eve in a garden in relationship as children and had fellowship with them as they walked together. But even while they enjoyed fellowship, they stopped short and never came to the Tree of Life.
Eventually they lost their place of fellowship with the Father in the garden, from the decisions they made but it has been won back for us by Christ’s decision in the garden. Now as children, we can come boldly into His presence to fellowship with Him, through the blood of Jesus Christ. If we keep walking in the light we begin to receive Life.
The Bible now compares our relationship with God like a garden we must tend and keep. We are now back in the garden but we’re not alone. There is a serpent their too and his one goal is to keep us distracted in Fathers presence so we never eat of the Tree of life.
Friend we are born into relationship with God, we incline our heart toward Him to fellowship with God, but let’s pursue Him till we feed from the Tree of Life.


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