Leaving Egypt

The families stood huddled around the table to eat their first Passover meal. It was the night they were going to be delivered from Egypt and they were following His instructions. “And you shall eat of it this way, with your loins girded, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand. And you shall eat it in a hurry. It is the Lord’s Passover.” Ex 12.11
The men were dressed in their work clothes, with their heavy duty, general purpose belt – a symbol of manliness that they would hang their work implements from. When a man was about to work or run they would tuck the front of their long garments into their waist belt. In other words they were to leave Egypt ready to run and ready to work. Passover for them did not mean settling in for a night off or quiet time at home.
Rather than taking off their sandals and washing their feet they had them on in readiness for a long journey or some sort of military campaign. Sandals were also needed to show the acquisition of new property and inheritance and they were exchanging their inheritance in the world for their inheritance in the city of God.
They ate with one hand, their staff in the other. With a staff they could crush scorpions and snakes, drive off wild dogs and carry weights across their shoulders. They could stabilize themselves in difficult terrain or be pulled from quick sand. The expected obstacles and opposition but they were ready.
The Passover was eaten in a hurry. They were getting out of Egypt as quick as they could. They were going to put as much distance between them and Egypt as they could because they knew if they lingered, Egypt could catch up with them.
Today when we come to the Passover sacrifice provided through Jesus Christ we still come ready to run, ready to walk away from the world and into a new inheritance. We expect opposition but are ready to fight but most of all we eat the Passover in a hurry- with urgency. If not, we have to ask whether we know what we’re being saved from.
When Peter preached the gospel to the Jews they cried out “What must we do to be saved?” They understood their condition and were in a hurry to get right with God: to find forgiveness of sin, to get out of their dreadful guilty predicament. If we don’t come to the altar to receive Christ in a hurry and ready to forsake sin, we don’t understand the gospel, for he who confesses his sin and forsakes it, will find mercy.
Friend, let’s use every Passover, to reaffirm our hatred for the bondage the world had over us, and to renew our passion to pursue our inheritance,the Promised Land in Christ and the One who saved us.


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