Wait a while

God is a good God. He never leaves us he never forsakes us. But sometimes it takes time for us to realize that. When Joseph was thrown into the pit by his brothers, he may have found it difficult to see the hand of God. After six years in Pharaohs Court and now falsely accused and thrown into a prison, he still may have found it difficult to see the faithfulness of God.
But after he was elevated and made the Prime Minister of the land and was then able to provide food for his father and his brothers, he could see the awesome wisdom and faithfulness of God.
It’s good to look back over more than a week, maybe it will be many years before you see that God has been faithful. But He will be. He can only be a faithful God. You haven’t seen the end of the story.
Jonah, God has not finished with you yet. You may still be in the belly of the fish but He will get you to the right place in the end.
Jeremiah, you may still be locked up in prison. But one day you will realize that while you were locked “safely” in prison, everybody outside in Jerusalem was being killed.
Ruth, it looks like you have lost, your land, your husband, your sister and your future, but you don’t yet have enough perspective. God is arranging the best future for you. Give it time.
Friend, if you can’t look back and see that God is faithful, keep looking for a while yet.


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