Fitly joined together

The stone masons chipped away at the stones till it was roughly square then they rubbed the two stones together till they fitted perfectly. The rough edges on one stone, smoothed away the rough edges on the opposite stone. In the book of Ephesians, Paul tells us we in a similar way, are “driven” together or rubbed together in order to fit us together as living stones.
God brings a union between us and others in our circle of relationships. This is Gods great work, building himself a Church out of fitly joined living stones but using the personalities and diversity of others around us to shape us so that we can fit.
The question is, will we let the Holy Spirit do His work in our life through the conflicts, interaction and contribution of my brothers and sisters around us, or will we rebel by holding on to our wrong attitudes. If we hold onto our isolation and wrong attitudes we will always remain immature.
In order to gain spiritual stature and character we first have to be willing to lose something. Probably our carnality and over inflated egos. We are designed to be individuals not individualistic and the fact that we are different to everyone else does not mean we cannot blend in with others and complement others.
Friend, no one can gain spirituality without the others in the body. Patience, kindness, self-control and love are not developed in times of aloneness but in challenging times with people. Isolation is not the way God is building the church. Gods glory will fill a temple assembled from living stones not just a pile of stones. We better get fitted in! How can we move closer to others in our Fathers family next year?


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