A multitude of people lay by the pool of Bethesda waiting for the moving of the water. Bethesda means a house of kindness and here they were waiting on the kindness of God to move the waters that healed. Jn 5.Five is the number of grace.
Jesus arrived and walked in through one of the five entrances to the pool. He finds numbers of people waiting in the house of grace for the pool of mercy and healing to be stirred. Jesus saw a man lying there and knowing that he had been there a long time (38 years) says “Do you want to be made whole?”
The man begin to give the reasons he wasn’t able to be healed, based upon his own ability or the willingness of others. I don’t have a man; I don’t have a friend and I have no ability of my own to get there. I don’t have enough strength to be healed. The time was never right and the conditions were never right, to encounter God’s miraculous power. He never had the right friends or the right connections. He wasn’t in the right meeting or the right position when the angel moved. A little bit like the law, it was all you about fulfilling the right conditions before you could ever receive from God
It seemed that man had to fight and struggle to be blessed by God. It seemed like the ones who were the least sick were able to get to the pool the fastest to be healed. It didn’t seem right for the people who were the least broke, poor or sick were the mostly likely to be touched by God.
But what if you are really too sick to help yourself what if you don’t have the strength to even get up. Addicted to porn, alcohol or life sapping aliments.
The law gave the idea that there is not enough of God to go around. There is only one miracle this year. There is not enough goodness and miracles to touch everybody. It seems unfair. It was every man for himself; who can get to the pool first. Its winner take all. You have to elbow others aside because you’re not sure that God’s miracle touch will be there tomorrow, but Jesus knew how long the man had waited and Grace and truth says “Do you want to be made whole?”
After he made his excuses Jesus said take up your bed and walk, and he was made immediately whole
Under grace you don’t have to be strong or fast- to be able to move well to get to the pool or the moving of the miracle power; you don’t have to be in the front row or hurry to the altar call. No friend Jesus is at the back of the church too. He’s there for those who aren’t strong who can move well who can’t beat everyone else. He only wants to know if you want to be make whole. To be sick and tired of being sick, tired, bored, offended and cynical-spiritually lame. But Jesus says take up your bed and get out of there.
Friend Jesus is here. He came because he knows how long you have waited and wanted to be touched. He’s come because Bethesda is not meant to be the place of desperate waiting but the place of walking out free. He says take up your bed and walk because the multitude of untouched hopeless people is not where you belong.


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