Samson stirred

Samson carried a nation changing anointing. One day he saw a woman and wanted her for a wife. Of course God wants us to have a wife but the wife God wants for us, it is not found in the enemy’s camp! Then when he saw the honey in the carcass of the lion, he despised his Nazarite vow and touched the carcass of the dead. What a picture of the struggle that goes on in the life of a person who has not integrated their heart, soul, flesh and mind with the Holy Spirit.
The flesh of course wants to be satisfied but remember the body is not you. It is the earth suit we were given by God for this planet – but it is affected by sin. If it is allowed to, it will demand attention and satisfaction. It wants sex and food, comfort and pleasure most of the time. We can’t give ourselves to that –we have to say no. When Samson is nagged by his wife, he tells her his secret. His emotions are weakened as she manipulates him with guilt. His mind possibly reasoned –it will be all right to tell her. Unfortunately he was wrong and he is soon bound, blinded and grinding in the enemy’s house.
However, there in the temple of Dagon, he finds Gods power, grace and call hasn’t failed him. Something powerful begins to stir in his spirit. It wasn’t pampering to the flesh, it wasn’t reasonable or rational. Nor did its prompting have great emotional appeal, but deep from within his spirit, his calling to be a deliverer rises up. This calling is bigger than self and stronger than flesh, more powerful than the soul. He chooses to follow it.
Friends to be able to fulfil our destiny we must many times, refuse to follow the flesh or reason and follow the Holy Spirit. If you follow the flesh it will take you further than you ever meant to go. It will make you stay longer than you ever intended to stay and you will pay a bigger price that you ever wanted to. But if you follow the Spirit, He will cause you to be stronger than you ever could have believed, He will keep you in the centre of your purpose on earth and ensure our short natural life ends in eternal victory.


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