A Fixed heart

There are times in all of our lives when our hopes and dreams come crashing down around our ears. Maybe your children went away from God, or got pregnant. A marriage disintegrated; may be it was even yours. There are events that come to us that can cause us to be greatly shaken. Sometimes we might have prayed for something to happen and it didn’t: we may have planned for something and it didn’t work out.
Maybe you have fought and lost battles but have not weakened. I honour you, I believe you have done something that God wants us all to learn to do “to fix out heart.” (Psalm 57:7) My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.” To fix our heart means to force it to be steadfast. To attach it to something, so as to make it immovable. Refuse to let it shake and grow weak or grow weary. David wrote this at a time when a man that used to love him, was seeking to kill him. He had a promise from God that didn’t seem to working out. He had people who needed him but had no resources to help them. He felt strung out and hopeless but his heart was fixed on God. He had people in his life who were talking against him, they let him down and were digging holes to trap him. In the midst of this betrayal and disloyalty he cries out “my heart is fixed O God.”
Why fix our heart? Our heart is the one thing we can fix and stabilize. Not our emotions, circumstances, feelings or future but only our heart. All you can control is your heart; all you have dominion over is your heart. But look what happened. As David’s heart was fixed upon the promises of God and His character, David’s circumstances eventually lined up with the promises of God. If we refuse to let what is outside us determine what is inside our heart, we will eventually see the fulfilment of God’s word. Think of Abraham. God said he would have a child when he was 100 years old and Sarah was nearly as old. He did not look at the deadness of his wife’s womb is a nice way of saying he closed his eyes as he climbed in to bed and thought about Gods promise and goodness and his dream came true. Think of Joseph, who refused to let what was happening to him on the outside get into his heart. He experienced bitterness from others but he would allow that into his heart. His heart was fixed on God. He also had Miss Egypt 1400BC trying to seduce him but though there was temptation on the outside, it didn’t get into his heart. His heart was fixed on God. He didn’t want to hurt God and eventually his dream came to pass.
Friends, today take a moment with your Father and “fix” your heart on Him. When we fix our heart on God, He will “fix our life” and bring about His promises in His time.


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