Holy Ground

Joshua, lifted up his eyes and saw a Man in front of him with a sword drawn. He ran to the Man and asked “Are you for us or for our enemies?” Jesus said to him that He was neither but had come as the Captain of the Lords hosts. In other words Jesus is saying that He was the Boss and the only battles that He is going to fight, are the ones he picks. What matters is not if He is on our side but that we on His side and in His battle. The disciples were safe in the boat during the storm, not because the Lord was in their boat but that they were in the Lord’s boat; it was commissioned by Jesus.
The only way to get to win a spiritual battle is to make sure He’s in the fight and He is the Captain of the army. Joshua had been in a battle against Amalek before and won. Perhaps he thought it was the might of his sword that gave him victory and never realised or forgot that victory came to him because Moses and others were lifting up the rod of faith to the Captain of the battle. How often we think we’re doing great because of our strength and our sword and forget that actually the victory is coming from another source. Someone else is “lifting up their staff” in prayer and we prevail because of it. It sounds like Joshua didn’t know that there was a Captain above him.
Jos 5:15 And the Commander of Jehovah’s army said to Joshua, Take your shoe off your foot, for the place on which you stand is holy. And Joshua did so.
It was holy because the Lord was there but this was also the place that Joshua faced his next challenge. Wherever God is, is holy, but also its holy because the place of your current battle is holy ground. Not the worship service or the prayer closet alone but the place of your struggle or challenge. The fight you face to get to a place in God that you desire, or for a walk you don’t yet enjoy.
Friend, your place of struggle for victory is holy and set apart for God. God is interested in your fight, your struggle or your weaknesses and He will meet you there. Your fight for purity or power is all holy! In that place the powerful work of Christ’s blood is magnified. It becomes a temple, a place of visitation and revelation – were you meet the Man and go away empowered by God. Lift up your eyes today!


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