God our Helper

Years ago while I was gathering money together for a house deposit, I brought a Mitsubishi car very cheaply, as it was painted green with blue seats. The original paint on the inside was a gold colour! A friend sprayed it back to gold but the blue seats looked bad. One afternoon while visiting another part of town, I thought I’d enquire at the car wreckers I saw across the street, if they had any gold seats. A wreck had just come in with as new gold seats and perfect matching brown carpet.  I made thousands!  I never planned to go there, but God was helping us! He always is.

In Isaiah 41.13 God says not to fear because He will be a helper for us, using the same Hebrew word already used in Gen 2.18 when God told Adam he would give him Eve as a helper.   God made the woman to be a help (ezer) perfectly fitted for the man.  One who is completely perfect for what the man needs.   Someone who can make up what he doesn’t have, who can strengthen his weaknesses and contribute where he lacks, so together they are completely adequate.

This first use of the word, sets the understanding for the term help and God uses the same word to describe Himself.   David said “Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our buckler (shield)” Psalms 33:20.  Everything we are lacking He can make up.   In our weakness He can make us strong.  God will be to us everything we need.  Not everything we want.

It’s guaranteed that when you need His help, He is there.  Psalms 46:1. He is not helping us do our will but helping us to do His will. Therefore times of challenge are necessary to experience His help and power on our behalf.  Sometimes we pray and ask God to remove us from the process and troubles which God is using as to bring us His help which will bring us through to our promise.

It is said that if we help a chicken out of its eggshell while it’s hatching, the chicken will die.  If it doesn’t develop the strength required to break out of its own shell, it won’t be strong enough to live once it’s born.  God knows the strength we develop in our present troubles is needed to prepare us for our next step.  In Kings 19 Elijah was feeling depressed yet he has just had a revival.  He was sitting under the juniper tree, feeling like a failure but God was setting him up to receive the help from God that he would need for the next part of his journey. The angel touched him and gave him food that would last 40 days and bring him to his next encounter.  We need to see our defeats, troubles, limitations or weaknesses, as God’s opportunity to bring us help for the next stage in our journey.

Friend, our Father is our helper. He can’t help Himself; that’s who He is. Make sure you receive His help that’s coming to you under your juniper tree. Even now can you feel His touch?


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