The Eagle 2

Eagles are so much like a chicken: they both have wings, they both have beaks, they are both birds and can fly. They are both big birds compared with say a sparrow yet there are so many differences between a chicken and an eagle. The biggest difference is they are born different!

Eagles are different from chickens because their diet is different. There is no food for eagles in a chicken coop. Chickens eat corn, worms and they peck though the bad stuff of other chickens.  Maybe Shortland street seeds? Chickens sometimes even recycle through their life, things which they got rid of once before and nearly always they depend on others to feed them. But eagles get their own food and its always living food.  (Sure when the eagle is young, the mother finds the food and puts in right in their mouth. It is so easy; they look up and are fed but eventually they have to get their own own food. So when the people around you that used to teach you, all of a sudden aren’t feeding you any longer, it’s not time to disassociate but it’s definitely time you grew up and began to feed yourself!)

Another difference is that to be a good chicken you have to stay in your coop but to be a good eagle you have to leave the nest.  Mother eagles are in charge of getting her young out of the nest.  To get her young flying, she first flaps her wings which blows out the feathers from the nest. Next she picks out the leaves and drops them over the edge followed by moss or anything other soft stuff to expose the thorns and the sharp objects in the nest.  The little eaglet sits down and tries to get comfortable but stands up  and tries somewhere else and then she jumps up and tries somewhere else; she just can’t get comfortable because it’s time to leave the nest.

Deuteronomy 32:11 says, “…like an eagle that stirs up its nest (makes it uncomfortable) and hovers over its young, (showing them how to fly).” so is the Lord God to His people. Sometimes we try to sit down and stay in a place that God only designed us to stay when we were young.  If you can’t get comfortable where you used to be it’s because God wants you to leave the nest and begin to fly on the wind of the spirit.   Eagles get to the place where they aren’t comfortable just sitting in the nest like a chicken. Real eagles want launch out of the nest and fly.

This week the great Eagle is hovering over us. Perhaps He is stirring your nest to get you flying – making you uncomfortable.   Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable just sitting there watching TV all night or maybe you can’t feel comfortable walking past sick people without offering to pray with them. The Lord is hovering over you!

An eagle can also see what other birds do not see. A chicken might get up on the bucket and think he can see the whole world but it is only the back yard.  An eagle can see the whole town down to the cat and the rat.  They see the scattered children the lost the broken brothers and hurting sisters. They have vision and because of that they even see the weather different.  The chicken sees the storm coming and runs for the house scared but the eagle know the wind will just lift him higher. Everything works together for good….

Friend you were born an eagle – you were not made for sitting but soaring in the high places.  Eat some living food; get out of the nest and let the wind launch you.


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