The adulterous women couldn’t believe what happened. She was brought before Jesus to receive judgement but she received mercy instead. (John 8)

Everybody’s life was changed because they received something from Jesus. Blind Bartimaus received his sight, the adulterous women received grace, Zaccheus received self-worth and value, and Peter received forgiveness. Not just because they asked but because they truly encountered Him on the way.

Jesus is not trying to take something from us, He is always trying to give something to us. We need to be good receivers. It is the hungry, the thirsty and the needy that received from Him. The only thing that hinders us from receiving, is not knowing our need.  Everyone who received knew their need and was humble enough to receive from Jesus.

What do we have that we did not receive? And what will we ever have that we do not receive.  To have anything to give to others, we must first receive it from Jesus. To produce the fruit of the Spirit we must first receive the gift of the Spirit. Everything comes from Him.

There is no life in reading programs or rote prayers but only in a Person. When you have received from Jesus, you have received Life.  You will know God better and yourself better. You have joy and fulfilment in your heart and you can be life-giving to others.

Friend, today if you are needy, set up an encounter with Him “who is coming your way”and receive.


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