Eating to live

My Dad use to say “Don’t live to eat but eat to live”.  That is good advice.

My grandsons seem to grow up fast. If I asked Kelly what are you doing to make them grow so fast? She would reply “Nothing of course! They just eat!” That does not sound difficult does it?   Most of us didn’t try to grow. We just turned up for dinner, eat, drank and went to bed. We don’t know how but we grew, and to grow up spiritually all you have to do is eat and drink.   Jesus said which of you by trying can add even one centre meter to your stature? It’s about eating Gods’ food. Jesus said unless you drink my blood and eat my flesh you will have no life in you.  John 5.26 Christ has life in himself. Spiritual life! That is what we want.   We are justified by his death but we are saved by His life. Romans 5.10.

 On the way to eat from the Tree of life the serpent tries to distract us with temporary satisfactions or by anything that keeps us from that Tree. We might get up to pray but become side tracked. There are many things to gain knowledge about, both good and evil but it isn’t Him.  The fridge beckons; time runs out, we feel time pressure or the phone rings.

But when we get to Jesus with an open heart, drink in His life in worship and partake of His life from the Word, we receive life and we grow! It just happens.

Friend, it’s not a struggle to grow up. Consider the lilies Jesus said. They don’t toil or spin they just drink and grow! Receive life from Him every day


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