In the Valleys

Our maturity as a believer is  not demonstrated by how we live in the good times  but by how we live in the valleys; in the dark times; the lonely times of struggle temptation and trial.  Those times when it seems we are walking through valleys.

Valleys are part our Christian walk, in fact the original Promised Land was made up of mountains and low lands and valleys. Joshua 11:16 So Joshua took all that land, the hills, and all the south country, and all the land of Goshen, and the valley, and the plain, and the mountains of Israel, and its lowlands.  Valleys  are important, because our character is not proven by the gifts God gives us but by the integrity of heart we offer him and the choices we make in our troubles.

The enemies of Israel thought that God was only a God of the mountains. 1Kings 20:23 Then the servants of the king of Syria said to him, “Their gods are gods of the hills. Therefore they were stronger than we; but if we fight against them in the plain, surely we will be stronger than they.   Peer Gint composed a song we loved to listen to as children “The Hall of the mountain king.”  Satan want us to believe that God is only the King of the mountains but he is not. His also God in all your valleys.

Given a choice, we would all prefer the mountain top experience every time, so God doesn’t leave it to us. He lays out the spiritual topography, he chooses the inheritance and he wants us to realize that God is God of the mountains and truly God of all the valleys we walk through.

Job walked through a big valley, and his integrity held him strong and Satan’s power was broken off his life. Like Job we are approved  in the valley.

Friend, there are many important things that God can only do in us through difficult times in our life, because in the Inheritance and promised land, fruit only grows in the Valleys.   Numbers 13:23 Then they came to the Valley of Eshcol, and there cut down a branch with one cluster of grapes; they carried it between two of them on a pole.


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