See the Treasure

Jeremiah the prophet walks down to the Potters house where he hears the word of the Lord.  That is a good reason to be at the house of the Potter! Jeremiah 18.1-4

God is in the house making something on the wheel.  All of us were marred by sin in the hand of the Potter.   He takes us and He makes us again into another vessel.   He is making something beautiful out of our life

In biblical times vessels were too difficult to produce and too necessary to be made for no reason – they were made to contain oil, water or food.  Every vessel was made for a purpose.

God is making you into a vessel to contain Him who is the Treasure. This treasure is God’s Word and God’s Spirit – Gods life!

Paul said “We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the Excellency of the power might be of Him.”  2 Corinthians  4  7.9   

The word treasure in the Greek is the word thesaurus meaning a place that things are stored up for your tomorrow.

David said “I have stored up Your Word that I might not sin against You”.

Are you storing up Gods word?   We don’t know the giants, or the obstacles or the temptations we will face tomorrow.

The word for vessel is “ostrakinos” meaning substandard and not fitting for an occasion.   This type of vessel was not usually seen in the better homes but used by the poor.  As the time went by it come to mean, low grade and substandard. From this Greek word we get our word ostracize.  When people ostracize someone, they treat them as substandard for their group and cut them off.

Initially it doesn’t make sense that a perfect and mighty God would dwell in something so substandard. The perfect one inside imperfect people – this is the paradox.

The reason Paul said this was the church at Corinth were doubting his apostleship.  He wasn’t rich, he was not handsome and he wasn’t supported by patrons.  He worked for a living and he was always in trouble and afflictions.

To the Greeks that suggested that he was not favored by God. Paul’s defense was that God puts His excellence in earthen vessels like himself so the glory goes where it truly belongs!

Friend,   if you keep looking for perfection in your friend, minister or spouse you are going to miss the treasure inside them.  God hides His greatest gifts in ordinary people.   Your decision to ignore the flaws in someone near you was the wisest thing you did this week.   Unflawed people don’t exist.  All 12 disciples were hard to get along with because of something in their personality.

Don’t let the flaws distracts you from the gold.   If you don’t focus on God in them, you’ll only see the clay.    Something incredible is in that person that seems not so incredible.   See the treasure in that vessel!


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