The Best Part

Worship is the gyroscope of the soul. Worship is all about God but it benefits us.  Worship is a sign of right order in the universe. When men and women worship God they begin to find out what they are born for and the benefits that God plans for them.

Worship lifts a man out of obscurity. Of course God knows every person and loves them, but people don’t really appear on His “radar” until they begin to worship Him. Worship will lift a man to his place in history.  Gideon worshipped God and discovered he was a mighty man of valor. Timothy became a worshipper of God and found he was an apostle of God.  Moses was unknown till he bowed at the flaming shrub and Isaiah was just the son of a rich man till he saw the Lord high and lifted up. When people worship they become what they were intended to be.

Worshipping Jesus also ensures that we are getting the best from our day.When Jesus was visiting His friends in Bethany, Martha was busy in the kitchen but Mary sat at His feet.  When Martha later complained to Jesus that Mary wasn’t helping her, Jesus said that Mary had chosen the best part.

In an average day there are tasks to complete and people to relate to, but they are never the best part of the day and unfortunately nothing we do can ever become the best they could be, till we have done the best part which is worship.  Without the best part of the day in place, all other parts are ill placed and unaligned. We may have a wrong perspective or life’s priorities may become distorted like Martha’s. She believed that intimacy should be shown by industry not inactivity.

Being useless is not a virtue in the world or even in the kingdom of God but it is imperative in the very presence of Jesus. Our importance and what we can do for Him, is zero compared with what He can do for us as we worship.

Friend, to become the person, the father or friend, we were intended to be, and to have the day God intended, choose to be a worshipper.

Taken from my new teaching book:  Worship-Coming home On Amazon Kindle or see below.


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