Hold on

Experiences of darkness are something that will happen to all of us especially to every Christian who has truly set his heart on pleasing God.

And I will give you the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, so that you may know that I, the LORD, which call you by name, am the God of Israel. Isaiah 45:3 

The treasures of darkness are the treasures that God gives us in time of darkness and trouble, that helps us to know that He is God.

The strange thing about this darkness doesn’t refer to the devil or evil but it comes to people who are walking with God!  The tragedy is, when this darkness comes upon Gods people it can be very hard to understand.

You wake up one day to find all spiritual feelings gone.  Some saints like St. John of the Cross, call it “the dark night of the soul.”

We may have an inexplicable sense of loss and uncertainty. It is above all a withdrawn sense of the presence of God.   You sit in services and take your usual notes. The message is great, but there is no answering chord of response in your heart. So you pray. You get on your knees and tell God you don’t feel so good, but there is no light from heaven! So you listen to preachers that usually help you, fully expecting inspiration to flow like water – and nothing!  You walk out of a service in which everyone else “touched God” feeling completely untouched.

Perhaps, you think, it is unconfessed sin. You apologize to everybody and even write letters of confession to your primary school teachers. You go through everything you can possibly think of but it’s still the same. You rebuke the devil and still nothing.

What you are going through is not new. It came to most of the men or woman of God, in the Scriptures.

Abraham when he stood waiting for God to accept his sacrifice entered into deep darkness (Gen. 15:12). Moses waited on the mountain to receive the Commandments in the “thick darkness” where God was (Duet. 5:22).

Job faced the same question when his world fell apart and God did not seem to answer. Job came through – but barely. Job faced the darkness that is the most fearsome of all to the child of God; the darkness of the withdrawn sense of the presence of God.  One dark day it even came to Jesus, the Son of God Himself when He asked His father “Why have you forsaken me?”

We will not be exempt. Just as there must be the cycles of night and day, of clouds and rain, light and darkness are both essential for plant growth.  What is true in the seasons of nature is also true in the seasons of the spirit.

There is nothing you can do to get out of the darkness if it is God who put you into it. Your usual remedies fail and all your counsellors will draw a blank because God wants to give you the treasures of Darkness.  The darkness of God is given by Him, and it will not lift until it has accomplished its work in your soul.

Jacob was left alone” in the darkness and “a man wrestled with him until daybreak” (Gen. 32:24).  We wrestle not against flesh and blood but spiritual beings including God.

Friend, we will wrestle with God and as you hold onto God in the darkness all night long, you will get stronger. Eventually the day will dawn and you will begin to see Him whom you’re wrestling with and come to understand that God is not someone you hold onto but is Someone who all the time has been holding you.




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