Eye of the Tiger

During the Viet Nam war the phrase The Eye of the Tiger was apparently coined – which referred to soldier wounded in battle who comes back to fight. They were different. The fierceness of a soldier once wounded who recovers is said to be phenomenal.

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love.  Colossians 1:13

Although we have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness, the devil still tries to intimidate us and bring his darkness around our heart and mind. We may even be wounded in the battle.

The reason Paul says that we wrestle against our enemies (Ephesians 6) and not box or kickbox is that wrestling is the only form of combat where you never lose physical contact with the adversary. And it is the only one that strengthens you as you fight. Have you seen the All Blacks do this?  While you are holding on, you are getting stronger.  The darkness and attack of the devil is to create in us the spirit of a warrior who can walk in a way that will threaten the devil and glorify God.

Satan knows who you are now but he doesn’t reckon on who you are going to be in the future.  When Satan attacks you, he runs the risk of creating a warrior for God, who’s becoming madder, stronger and more effective.  Instead of just coming back as a sleepy friend, Lazarus came back from the dead empowered.  Many came to know Christ because of Lazarus and his new type of life.

The devil should have learned from Lazarus that there are certain people you ought not to kill because they just come back stronger.  Like Jesus the Son of God.  Jesus never came back from the dead with just a stirring story for a thousand sermons but with the keys of hell and released a power that would ultimately fill the whole universe and put Christ at the right hand of God.

Perhaps the greatest threat to spiritual growth is not attacks from the enemy but a time of ease – when everything is quiet.  After Israel had entered their land the Philistines robbed the nation and closed all the blacksmith shops lest they make weapons. Israel had no capacity to create weapons.  Weapons are usually created in the fire of adversity. A blacksmith shop is a dark place where flames are being stoked. It might look like hell and there is the sound of hammers hitting steel and forging things.  If you take away the “blacksmith shops” from the church there will be no weapons.

The devil is really helping us to get stronger and to develop weapons till we get to the place where we stand, fight and win.   We develop “the eye of the tiger” when we go through the attacks and we receive another “gift,” another weapon.”  If the attacks of Satan are properly responded to, they can leave us stronger.

Goliath is dead but he did not die by the rock. The rock helped a lot but  David killed Goliath by the sword of Goliath.  David used goliaths own weapon.

Friend, the enemy has used the weapon of intimidation against us in the past but through it all we have gained strength and another weapon. You can now intimidate him.





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