Time at the Table

In the leafy home of Eden, God provided abundant food for Adam and Eve; a table for them in the presence of their enemies.  But Satan convinced them not to restrict themselves to the Lords table, but to eat from the forbidden.   The serpent in the garden was only ever meant by God to strengthen Adams resolve and faith in God. Our enemies are just a fact we need to get used to. We are not praying how can we escape them but how can we can overcome them?

Sometimes God is able to do His best work, in our worst times. When we’re in trouble we pray the most. We usually build increasing intimacy with God, in times of difficulty. So having no enemies may not be a blessing but could be a “curse.” Even people that oppose us can help us grow.   God wants our confidence in Him to grow and even get to the place where we can see maybe some of our “enemies” as friends.  Judas brought the soldiers to Jesus and Peter sought to keep Jesus from the cross. Jesus called Judas His friend and He called Peter the devil because Judas was helping Jesus get to His destiny, and Peter was seeking to hinder Him.

David was confident His Shepherd had prepared a table for him in the presence of his enemies!  The word “prepared” literally means, to set in readiness for battle. God has prepared His table long before the enemy of your soul shows up and everything you need to win is on the table.

We have to feast before the battle!  God has provided Jesus power and grace in the place of fellowship with God.  This is the way God does it. We don’t fight the battle then enjoy the feast.  God says enjoy the victory feast; feast upon the table that I’ve spread and then join the battle.

Friend, don’t enter your daily fight, skinny in the Spirit – go full and strong.  Too many saints turn up to the battle hopeful but famished.  Most of our struggles in life, are not because the enemies are too big, but because our time at the table is too small.


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