The Altar

Abraham signaled a stop to his dusty entourage and along with the others he pitched his tent. He also built an altar to the Lord.  Abraham had come back to faith and relationship with God.  God had rescued him and had revealed himself to Abraham.

Abram moved his tent and came and settled by the oaks of Mamre, which are at Hebron, and there he built an altar to the LORD.  And he worshipped there.  Gen 13:18.

The turning point in our spiritual life does not come through our decision to do something for God; or as a result of our resolving to change. For a Christian, the power to live for God comes from his vision of God. The turning point comes when we see Him. When we meet God, a radical change takes place in our life. We can no longer do what we did in the past. When we meet God Himself, we have the power to deny ourselves. His appearance makes a person unable to go on by himself or in the same way. Such an appearance will alter the whole course of a person’s life.

Abraham pitched his tents and built his altars in close proximity.  The tent symbolized that Abraham was a pilgrim on earth and Abraham’s “follower type of lifestyle”.   His altar meant that Abraham worshiped God in heaven the place of his true citizenship. The altar was going to be permanent in Abraham’s life; it was his daily reference point. The altar is the place you receive vision, perspective, discernment and direction (1 Peter 2:11).

The position of our tent might change. We might have to shift it to another place. The wind might change, become stormy and even buffet our tent terribly but one thing can be solid and permanent in our life is our altar.

The Bible is really about the men and women who build an altar to the Lord?  The thing that kept their tent in the right space was their altar.  If we have no altar, we will pitch our tent, (lifestyle, focus and priorities) in the wrong place.

Friend, how is your altar? Is there an altar close by to your tent?  Today lets build an altar and lets pitch our tent close to it!


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