How is our vision?

The people of Israel stood at the edge of the promised land and although the spies had told them of the beauty of the land and its abundant fruit, they couldn’t get past the size of their enemies.  Actually it wasn’t so much the size of their enemies but it was the size they saw themselves.

Because they saw themselves as grasshoppers they acted like grass hoppers and of course how we see ourselves determines what God can do through us.  It is not what you see in the promised land but what you see in side you that will determine whether you enter in too His great purpose for you.  They saw themselves and all their brothers as grasshoppers and unfortunately what you believe to be true is more powerful than the facts. How we see our selves and how we see God is often the most determining factor upon the potential of our life.

The woman of Samaria illustrates the great change that correct perception can do for us.  She came to the well and Jesus talked to her about living water and husbands. Jesus was sitting on Jakobs well. (Beer Yah Kob) This well was an underground spring not just a cistern, so it was constantly bubbling up.   The ancients called it living water.

But as Jesus sat on the well, He was the true Well and His living water was flowing out over the woman.  As she was touched by the living water she is able to see something for the first time.  “I perceive you are a prophet!”  John 4.19-13.  It was just this one moment of perception and insight that made her a different woman.  A woman with a different future, a different view upon the meaning of life and a different ending in life.  All because she perceived her self and God correctly.

Obviously the way we see God determines how we live.  Once Jesus and his disciples were sitting at a meal. One of them was leaning on the chest of Jesus.  John 13.22.  This person was John the one that Jesus loved.  It doesn’t say that Jesus loved him more than the others just that he was the one whom Jesus loved.

What made John feel so comfortable that he could lie on the chest of another man? What freed John from being self-consciousness and to be able to follow his heart. He wasn’t loved most but he was able to receive the most love.  Of all the disciples John understood Jesus the best. He understood what Jesus the Creator wanted. John knew how Jesus wanted to love and he knew how to love Jesus in response. He understood the Creator wanted to be close to us and He wanted to be leaned upon. He wants to be trusted and he wants us to be comfortable and un-selfconscious in His presence.

What does it tell us about Jesus? If John understood Jesus best, it tells us that Jesus is affectionate. It tells us that He is fatherly; it tells us that He is open to everybody coming very close to Him. It shows that Jesus must have been consistently loving, as John was in no doubt he would be received with joy.

Friends, Johns action were changed by what he saw in Jesus! How he saw God.  He acted in ways no one else did because he saw things of Jesus no one else did. Sit by the Well for some moments and let His living water touch your eyes to perceive who He truly is and who you now are, because of Him.


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