Chosen in the furnace of affliction

Judah had been taken captive to Babylon because of their sin but after a time of affliction, it would be once again time for them to return to their beloved Jerusalem.  During their captivity, Isaiah spoke for God. “Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have chosen you in the furnace of affliction.” Isa 48:10.

They were selected and chosen in the furnace! Although they were not melted completely down like metal, their destiny came out of the fire- it always does.  God’s people were refined in the furnace and after the dross was removed only two of the twelve tribes came back with Ezra; Benjamin: son of my right hand and Judah: the people of praise.  God chose them not under the sun umbrella on easy street but he chose them in a furnace of affliction! People that know they are born to belong at His right hand and people that will praise him in their prison.

Years later, the three Hebrew boys told Nebuchadnezzar they would not bow to his image.  A one hundred percent gold statement but it was the furnace that proved them to be genuine and showed the strength of their faith.  Somehow in the fire of testing, God was bringing about their destiny and forging hearts for the future. He always is.  We have only the character that we demonstrate under pressure and we only truly have the faith and love that we hold through the fire.  We all make declarations in a time of peace that must be tested in a time of war.

Friend, precious vessels for His temple, in which he can see His reflection are not common nor made easily.  It is by your response to Him in the midst of the furnace, that God chooses you to become a vessel of honor and glory for Him in these last days.


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