Smells Good

King Xerxes had fabulous wealth.  When Alexander the great conquered Persia, he found 1200 tonnes of gold bullion and 270 tonnes of gold coins that had belonged to that king.  Apparently, he had incredible banquets lasting for weeks at which trained peacocks would walk up and down the tables carrying the best of wine which of course was drunk from golden cups.

One day after his wife dishonoured him publicly, he began a search throughout his kingdom, for a new wife. Out of 1400 other young girls, Esther was chosen to be the Queen of the whole world. The scriptures reveal why a Jewish peasant girl was so delightful to the king and how we too can delight our Heavenly King.   Esther was lovely and beautiful.  Beautiful means she was stunning to look at but lovely means something quite different. It’s talking about who she was on the inside.  She was lovable; full of gentle kindness and grace. In short she was compatible with the king!

Before she appeared before his majesty, she was prepared by the chamberlain to smell like the king.  The king was not used to dating girls off the farm so for twelve months before she was ready to encounter the King; she bathed in perfumed oils. This ensured that Esther smell the same as her king.  The fragrance that our king Jesus is familiar with and delights in is the fragrance of the Holy Anointing Oil.

While visiting an old royal palace in Rajasthan, India, we learned that in the old days the bride to be of the maharajahs would clothe themselves with a tent-like dress. They then would light a smouldering perfumed candle under the dress and stand still until the incense filled every pore of her body with the fragrance.  She was then ready for the meeting.

Once we took our children to visit the Fragonard perfume factory in Grasse, France, and there we learned that perfume was first used by men to hide the smell that got on them from being tanners of leather. They would rub it on themselves before they went home in order to be acceptable to their loved ones.   In the Old Testament, the priests also made a special oil that smelled like a beautiful perfume.  Also take for yourself quality spices—And you shall make from these a holy anointing oil, compounded according to the art of the perfumer.” Exodus 30:23-25. 

 Once the blood had been applied, the oil could be poured only on those set apart to be priests. (Exo 29:21)  Human flesh that was not chosen, cleansed and dedicated to God was incompatible with that Holy Oil.   “This …holy anointing oil…shall not be poured on man’s flesh…” Exodus 30:31-32.  No one else out in the camp of Israel could wear that perfume; it was restricted to the holy place and the presence of God. It was for Him only.

 Friends, come with confidence into His royal presence as priests and lovers today. The anointing oil of the Holy Spirit means that we belong at the throne. The fragrance of the Holy Spirit which fills “every pore” of our life covers the smell of man’s flesh and makes us compatible and attractive to Jesus.


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