Future you

Israel stood on the edge of Canaan and although they saw and heard of the beautiful fruit of the land, they couldn’t rise to the opportunity God gave them. They still saw themselves as slaves from their previous identity and they couldn’t take the Promised Land with the mindset of a slave. We also can see a Promised Land before us but if we don’t see ourself as one who is able to enter it, we won’t.  Corinthians tells us that we are new creatures in Christ; a brand new species and our potential is totally different from all of our family members before us. It’s not your haircut or clothes or address that changed, but you; your potential, your future and even the impact of your past.  You see differently at every level now as all of your life is new. Your perception of God has changed and how you see yourself must change too because how you see yourself is more important than how you see your future.

People don’t necessarily grow into their potential, they only grow into what they think they deserve or what they think they are capable of.  The most important vision is not what you see ahead of you but what you see inside yourself. Israel had trouble in their thinking. They saw themselves as small and incapable.   What about you?

The problem is not with God. He can do exceeding abundantly above what we can think, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,” Eph 3:19 -20.   The problem is with us.   Can we think about ourselves differently and about what God can do in us differently?   Have we neglected opportunities provided by God or left ministry dreams and ideas to somebody else because we never saw ourselves as able?  The fact is that if you see yourself rightly a new future will appear.

Friend, it is not all up to you either. God is the One who is able to make us able and if we don’t want to inherit the future we would have had, we need to see ourselves correctly and enter the future He has planned for us.


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