Can you remember when your father told you to drive carefully?  He seemed to think that you didn’t have the experience or the skill to drive safely.  Well, it turns out he was probably right.  When I was sixteen I crashed my father’s car by driving it unsafely. I slid off the road and ended up submerged in a river along with my friend who came along for the ride.  The wisdom and understanding that older people have, comes from having perspective?  They have had a chance to see life over a longer period and they have a bigger frame of reference.  In one picture a father may seem to be aiming a gun at a child but a bigger frame of reference we see a snake behind the child. That bigger frame of reference can be visual or time.

When a student says if only I’d done something or not done something, they are having a moment of perspective.   When that student gets their first job and thinks either, it has been worth it all or it hasn’t been worth it at all, they are having a moment of perspective.

In prison, Joseph no doubt wondered if his dream was ever going to come to pass.   It is hard to know what he was thinking when he was betrayed by brothers, accused by a woman and forgotten for years in a prison. Even after sitting on the second throne of Egypt, his dream made no sense till one day his family turned up.   He had perspective on all his troubles and his unusual life. When life is difficult we usually just need time to gain perspective.

Perspective also comes from living with the knowledge of the future.  Jesus washed the disciple’s feet knowing that the father had given all things to him (Jn13.33).  Jesus had a perspective and it empowered him to serve without the need for position. He was not insecure.   He knew his future was one of oneness with Father and accomplishing His will.  Knowing the joy set before Him, gave even the cruel cross perspective. If you know the future ahead of you, it changes the way you go through life. Having a true perspective of the past and the future changes everything.

Friend, the things Father asks us to do and anything we don’t understand will make sense with time and perspective.  But we don’t have to wait till the end of our life to get some perspective. Father has told us everything we need to know about our future with Him.    We can live boldly in difficult times or times of significant personal cost and know that in the future when we look back we will know “it was worth it all.”


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