Speak Calm and Carry On

As the disciples crossed the lake a violent wind whipped the water into waves and foam. The King rose to speak and the wind withdrew. Soon Jesus and His friends arrived on the beach to meet the man from the tombs. (Luke 8:22)  

When the devil knew Jesus was coming to set the man free, he stirred up a great storm to prevent Jesus coming to the region.  It was not the disciples he was trying to stop as they were merely men at this point. Christ did not live within them.  They were not anointed by the Spirit and Jesus’ authority was not resident within. The only person that worried the devil about that boatload of invaders, was Jesus!

But things are different now. Today Christ dwells within us and the devil will cause storms to come against us, to create fear, distract us or cause enough trouble to turn us back. Each day we say to Father “Today I want to live like a Christian. As someone who Christ can live through!’  But how many times have we made that commitment to be available to God, only to find that we soon face various storms arising on the lake of life? They come in the guise of conflicts, distractions, arguments or busyness but they drive us back or stop us dead in the water. The devil is not interested in stopping you particularly but he is seeking to stop the Lord Jesus from touching people’s lives.

Friend, Jesus is in your life just as He was in the boat. The enemy can’t stop Him and if the enemy seeks to rock your boat, rock his world. As a son or daughter in whom The Son resides, You have His authority to rise up, speak against the storm and carry on. Get to the other side for there is someone living among the dead who needs Him today.  Push through for there is Another One inside you that can bring life to the Legion.




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