Watching Signs

While on holiday last week I noticed on the Internet, an expectation of some imminent global events.  The general elections in New Zealand where we live were on the 23rd of September but this was not the event being discussed.  Instead, a global catastrophe was expected as Nibiru led a trail of comets to the earth. But this is not new; the internet is a cornucopia overflowing with delights on the Shemitah effect, prophesied floods, days of Elijah, meteors falling, trumpets blowing and judgments coming. The net has the ability to wow watching believers with its warnings and prophetic announcements. While a few are no doubt relevant,  some prophetic announcements are pathetic and some warnings wane as the time scheduled for disaster passes by, but still, a more obvious concern remains.

I wonder if the increase in signs ever translates into increased prayer. I think about whether the increased understanding of the last days ever increases my own seeking of God over the state of the church and the lost? Has it produced an increased passion to live holy for God or a growing cry for intimacy with our King?  Has it increased our readiness’ to share Jesus with all we meet? Where are the saints that are obediently making disciples for the one who gave it all? The fact is, it is easier to watch another clip than to stand in the gap for the church whose walls are broken down and whose gates are burned with fire.

We have become more discerning of the signs of His coming than we have been of the signs of His “leaving”.  Not His leaving theologically – the Holy Spirit, of course, is always with us but where is the evidence of His increasing influence in our lives. Have we become so used to His faithfulness in spite of our own unfaithfulness, that like Samson, we are unaware that the Lords influence has left our lives? The images of glowing rocks searing through space, don’t seem to change the temperature of our hearts from cold.  If we believe that Jesus is at the very door, where are the priests weeping between the porch and the altar?  Where are the tears for neighbours and sinners still blind and still dead in their sin?  Has as much time been spent asking God to stir up the fire in our hearts and to show us the state of our own souls, as has been spent gleaning the next interesting warning from Youtube. Has the net caught us and kept us from the closet?

Friend, are we the generation that knows more about the coming of the Lord than we do of the Lord who is coming?  When was the last time you spent more than just a few minutes on your knees seeking and seeing the face of Him who has already come? Our Lord Jesus Christ is already here and He is already waiting in our secret place to meet with us, speak to us and transfer the fire of His own heart into ours.









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