Gideon spoke to his 300 brave men as they were about to attack the enemy army “Look at me and do likewise; watch, and when I come to the edge of the camp you shall do as I do: (Judges 7:17)  The leader says do as I do.  The leader goes the way and shows the way first. Gideon’s men never said “I’m not sure that is a good idea or I don’t really feel like it right now” God is not asking for our opinion only our obedience. God leads us through leaders. Doing as the leader did was how they got a breakthrough. The devil knows the key to victory is unity.  That is why we never hear of the demons splitting up and starting a new hell.

So our task is not to score the worship leaders quality of voice or their song choice, our job is to follow them.  The Spirit of God will fall if we are one people, in one place, and in one accord.  They say Pauls’ voice was not great-if that was true the power of God didn’t fall in the prison because of their harmony but because of their unity.

Amazingly, when the brave 300 entered the battle, the fearful remainder of the tribes were encouraged and returned to the battlefield. (Judges 7:22-23)  The 300 all became leaders.  Our actions can inspire others to rise up.  Don’t wait for your friends to decide to be a world changer. Be the first, be the change. Your decision will change not only your destiny but the future of those who follow you.

Friend, God has not changed his mind about you. You have been called to lead and if you have gotten off track God says “As the shepherd takes two legs out of the mouth of the lion, or a piece of an ear; so shall the sons of Israel be taken out…”( Amos 3:12)  So even if the enemy has torn to you to pieces, as long as you have an ear to hear His word and one leg to stand on, you can be delivered to become a deliverer. It is never too late for God. Find a leader to trust, listen to and follow and become a leader to your friends who are watching you from the edge of the battle.





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