Breakthrough Now

“Your breakthrough is coming today” the person on TV assures us.  We’re told that as we shout or give or declare something, situations will change and breakthrough will be ours. Praise God for those that get that miraculous breakthrough, but some maybe many, will go into another difficult week with children and marriages unchanged and wonder why.

No doubt leaders seek to encourage us by saying what they believe could happen. It’s not that they are trying to make God sound better than He is. God is far better than anything they could describe but perhaps we all forget that He is the God of the process as much as He is the God of the instant.  We like instant much more than we like endurance. We love the idea of receiving a flow of power more than we like the idea of needing to grow in patience.  Praise God for the instant breakthrough and for the times we can just shout and our job hassles are fixed and our car is repaired.  But perhaps our biggest breakthrough comes from realizing that who we become for eternity, is more important to God, than things that we can be delivered from in time. Sometimes today’s hype erodes tomorrows hope.

Of course, I believe that “heaven is here”.  The Kingdom has come and Jesus breaks through with power in our lives in many ways. We stir our faith and expect the touch of Jesus to change situations for us but God also wants to establish the character of Jesus in us. This too is the supernatural extension of His kingdom. Our faith isn’t proven in a day- even a day of “breakthrough”.  Faith is proven over a lifetime or as Eugene Petersen said, by “a long obedience in one direction”. Some of our troubles are needed to grow us to the maturity we need before we can enter our destiny. We need the sort of faith that gets us up again after we have fallen and trusts in the essential rightness of God and His cause, even on our darkest night. Faith is living the impossible, pursuing the eternal and walking with the Invisible.   It is trusting in the darkness and it is doubting our ability to understand rather than doubting His ability to be able to make everything work together for our good.

Friends, we don’t go to a worship service for our problems to be solved – we go to meet our Father who is creating sons and daughters in His own image, in-spite of and sometimes because of challenges we endure for a season. Preparation for our future both in this life and eternity, demand situations that you can’t shout your way out of, or those which may not be changed by easy confession.  But every day you trust and endure, He grows His mighty Life within you and His smile of approval does breakthrough over your life.


One Reply to “Breakthrough Now”

  1. Hi Jim,

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been struggling with this for quite a while and it left me feeling like my faith is not good or big enough! This post make sense and it helped me! Thank you! Kind regards, Solange Stamper

    Op ma 14 mei 2018 om 06:05 schreef INSIGHT

    > Ps Jim Shaw posted: “”Your breakthrough is coming today” the person > leading the meeting assures us. We’re told that as we shout or give or > declare something, situations will change and breakthrough will be ours. > Praise God for those that get that miraculous breakthrough, but” >

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