Recently in hospital, I saw grandmothers pushing grand-children who will never walk and devoted parents talking to their vacant child who will never speak back. In our community, the parents of autistic children deal with a difficult present and an uncertain future. It can be heartbreaking watching.  There are something’s you can’t pray away and I admire these parents as they demonstrate huge levels of love and character.

If this was the only life it would be unfair but praise God it’s not! Suffering is a part of our broken world. The word suffering is related to the word passion which is something that you feel inside you- it’s emotional pain.  It’s what we feel when our heart is broken, disappointed or saddened. It may be because of a child, a marriage breakup, some trauma or unanswered prayer.

My very first pastor told me that if there was no illness and weakness in the world, people would become heartless and arrogant. But our own weaknesses and the sufferings of others build compassion and love into our hearts.  This is why no one is a safe counselor until they have been through some suffering.  I don’t want a new recruit telling me how to get through the war I need a veteran.  Someone who understands me; who has been through some fire in their life- someone who’s has been shot a few times.

I have found that living in denial of our hurts doesn’t help either.  Life is hard and rather than get offended at God and we have to groan our groans and cry our tears. In times of emotional suffering in my life, it helped to walk the streets, talk to Father and cry my tears of pain and grief. Some of the people I prayed about, never appeared to get closer to God, but I did.

Friend, we know that God is as interested in our character as He is in our comfort.  He is the God of all comfort but He wisely allows some things less comfortable for us, in order to produce something in us, which is more valuable. So in your pain, keep walking with your Father.  Without understanding? Possibly. In tears if necessary, but keep walking and talking with the Counselor who has truly suffered and so is able to truly comfort.






One Reply to “Comfort”

  1. Thank you for the refreshing comfort in this time of walking a very difficult path thank you Jesu for you grace hope and peace.

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