Beyond the Horizon

I’m back after a 7-week ministry trip! My wife and I were so impressed by Gods people everywhere. We were inspired by the worship in Singapore, the sense of family in Ireland, their commitment in Delft and their courage in Antwerp. All of them have had to endure some things over some time, to get to where they are today.  If your dream is big and even if it is from God, it will not happen overnight or easily. Some Christian soldiers lay down their weapons after fifteen years in the battle. Some people leave a church because they don’t think they have been recognised enough, after only four years. It took God eighty years just to get Moses ready to start his task.

When you discover what God is asking you to accomplish in your life “voyage” don’t be surprised if it takes a while; like a lifetime! Just because your patience is tried and the pressures are great, doesn’t mean Gods plans for you have perished.  Our troubles are only what God knows we need to go through, to arrive at the maturity we will need to fulfil our destiny.

Before Columbus sailed toward America, the explorer had tried the easy things for 10 years. He had sailed east to the Mediterranean and south to Africa but eventually, he set his compass west, toward the horizon of the Atlantic. And so to discover our calling and destiny, we must first allow all the known country to slip away behind us.  We cannot become an admiral from the armchair. The reason the Apostle Paul and Columbus achieved their life mission was because they heard from God, counted the cost and charted the course and followed it.  They went the path less travelled. As a leader, you might not find many people on the path you are taking. Strong winds will seek to drive you off course. Fog may come in and night may fall but you must stay at the helm.  Don’t let people hijack the dream but repel the enemy thoughts that seek to board the mind and keep heading toward the horizon.

Friend, don’t live your whole life and never become who you are meant to become. Don’t give up and stay ashore, nor run aground on the rocks of failures or seemingly ruined dreams. Instead be strong, hear from Heaven again, chart your course the best you can and set your heart to follow the course.  You will meet some of Gods choicest people on the same journey!