Enlarging the Vessel

In the cool shadow of his house the old potter sits at his wheel. His eyes are fixed on the task, and his hands seem to caress the whirling clay vessel. He has made the clay pliable and now he begins the shaping. But what size and shape vessel, will he make?
The old craftsman places one hand inside the vessel and keeps the other hand on the outside. The potter enlarges his vessel by increasing the pressure outwards from the hand inside the vessel. Of course to avoid the vessel being ruined by the inside pressure, his outside hand is gently pressing back with only slightly less pressure.
God has both hands upon you! One hand may apply the pressure of trials testing and stretching and perplexities from the outside but on the inside, His right-hand of blessing, and strength releases His molding grace and power as He gently enlarges His ability and resources within us.
We have all prayed for enlargement like Jabez and when the strong hand of God inside us, is greater than the trouble and perplexities pressing in upon us, we begin to be enlarged. This strong hand of God inside us is expressed by faith confessions, steadfast trust and prayer. His Word in us is stronger in us than any pressure He allows upon us and far greater than he that is in the world.
When Paul had pressures, he spoke, he pushed back against it. He said I have things pushing in on me and I have many pressures, but I’m confident God is making me a life giving vessel, therefore I believe and I speak. 2 Co 4:7-13
Friend, in the midst of your pressures believe God and speak of his faithfulness, for I have found that pressure is really just one hand of the loving divine Potter at work, intent on making a greater vessel and container for the treasure of God.