Fathers Eyes

Years ago Eric Clapton wrote a haunting song about needing to see his father’s eyes. It is a sad and desperate song but it finally resolves itself when he came to realise he had found what he needed. Recently we had another grandchild and it’s so special to watch the way that she responds to her parent’s faces. Babies look up and contented by the sight of their father’s familiar face, feel that all is well in their world. A child’s identity is related to their father and mother. Identity is about, who we are, who we are related to and the value we have to them. The Father’s face which Adam saw when he first opened his eyes, was the only thing in the garden that made him feel at home.
Our first understanding of our identity comes by seeing approval in our Fathers loving face, as we are growing up. The images in our heart and mind, of his smile, encouragement and love, even when we failed, stamp us with inner security and worth, giving us the strength to live life well. Identity and who we see ourselves as is so important because identity will always express itself. If you are a postman you do things that postmen do. If you are a policeman you act like a policeman. And even if you think you are a policeman and you are not really a policeman, you still act like one!
As believer’s, we never live beyond our concept of God and we always act according to the sense of identity that we have. As we see Father’s face and His love for us in the Word, we develop a new identity that will determine who we think we are, our sense of security and what we act like.
Friend, ours is not a desperate search for our Fathers eyes. Father is not hiding from us but fully reveals Himself to us in Jesus and He wants us to look into His realm and see His constant look of love and approval. The more we able to see who and how He truly is, the more we will be able to become who we truly are.