Friend of God

It was a day the twelve disciples would always remember; when Jesus said “You are no longer my servants but my friends.” John 15.15.
This was a lot to grasp for young Jewish men, who knew the only other friends of God were the great Abraham and the powerful Moses. The friends of God were those people He shared his secrets with. They were close to God and understood how God felt.
God finds friends among human beings, people that understand Him. Angels feel no pain and Seraphim live in contented, unchanging bliss. Only people, whose hearts feel love for their children and whose hearts can be broken, can understand the heart of the Father. Abraham, understood Gods pain as He walked up the long path to Mount Moriah to offer His Son.
Another servant of God who became Gods friend was Job who experienced great pain and loss. Job lost property, his children and his dreams just like God who lost His planet, His creation and His children, all in a day. Who can understand the pain and hurt God felt when His innocent Son, was filled with putrid disease as he bore our sins? Maybe people like Job as he suffered without a cause.
Friend, every painful, lonely, disappointing moment in your life, is God’s reminder that he understands you, that He cares for you and because you understand His pain a little better, it is also His invitation to become His close friend.