The Well

One day while I was in praying I “saw the Lord” sitting on the well. When I got closer to it, I noticed it was dry, filled with rubble and rubbish. That was not part of the familiar picture so when I asked Him I felt He said “The only time people throw rubbish into a well is when it’s empty. When they come to a well expecting to find water and find that it never delivered, what it promised. No one rubbishes the church when it full of Living Water. People don’t come to find rules they don’t turn up hoping to get ten things to do before God will meet them; they come to find life giving, pure rivers of love, flowing into their heart.
Every local church is a well of living water, where any sinner or Samaritan can come in their shame and rejection and meet the Lord. He sits enthroned on the well. The well was the throne of grace, were she came find mercy and help in her time of need. We are to be a place where they can come thirsty and go away satisfied by Living Water.
Friend, all over the world I hear the sound of the wells filling up. Are you ready for thirsty visitors?