Little Donkey

On the corner of a street where two roads met, was tied a young donkey. It was prophesied that the colt would be tied to a vine, although it is not mentioned in the New Testament. (Gen 49.11) He never ate the vine that he was tied to, but stood there patiently each day. (Mk 11.1-11) He never thought that one day the King of all creation would ask for his help. Jesus told His disciples to find the colt and bring it to him. They brought the young donkey to Jesus and He rode it into the city as the crowds cheered.
Donkeys not horses, were the transport of choice, in those days. The wealthy people and rulers in a time of peace, preferred to ride on donkeys. While horses speak of the flesh, (remember Pharaohs horses destroyed in the red sea baptism) the donkey speaks of the Spirit led believer. Donkeys had to be redeemed and we do too.
Jesus the King was looking for a donkey to ride into the city. The donkey was tied to the vine till the time came when he was to be loosed for the Masters purpose. We too must be abiding in the vine and available to be called by Him.
Friend, there is destiny for you, even if it looks like you are just waiting now and when the world sees us as donkeys, truly “carrying” the King into the city, they will cry out Hosanna (Lord save us) and welcome the King.