Come out of the cave

Elijah rested his head on the cloak he had rolled up for a pillow. It was cool and quiet in the cave. Elijah began to think back over his life when you heard a voice he knew, could only be the Lords. “What are you doing here Elijah?” Caves were often used as shelter but the forefathers Abraham, Isaac and David had buried their dead there and even used them to hide from the world. Elijahs cave represented troubles, dead dreams, debt and the failed expectations of the past but God is always ready to encourage with a new commission. You could say that God was asking Elijah “Do you want commiseration or are you ready for a new commission?
If you are ready for a new commission come out of the cave, and forget the past. If you can’t leave the past behind, it will affect the way you hear and what you can hear. Don’t let the past affect the way you live now. The past can imprint us more powerfully than our future. God was moving Elijah on; there is no future in the past and the future is not here in the cave.
Because of things the great prophet could not understand or leave behind, He couldn’t hear God or get the point. Sadly it seems that Elijah never really left his cave. You can leave your cave physically but you can remain there mentally or spiritually. Elijah may not have been in his cave, but the cave was still in him.
Friend, self pity will rob you of your usefulness and your future. Come out of the cave with your hands up and get ready to hear from God. Go stand on the mountain before the Lord with your back to the cave. Turn your back on the past pain, the dead things, the debt, the persecution and the failed expectations. Turn you back on all the things that are in your cave and stand before Him because He is talking to you. He has a new commission!