Jesus headed out of Jerusalem and walked toward a small town called Bethany. Of all the places Jesus went, Bethany was one of His favourite places. He went there often and he liked to lodge with His friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus. It was a place where He could receive refreshing and support from friends. Bethany is the sort of place and they were the sort of friends, that Jesus is still looking for.
Mary was a worshipper. She seemed to be even wasteful in her worship. The ointment she poured on Jesus feet was expensive and wiping His feet with her hair was shocking. Worship is costly; it costs you time and it costs you your pride. Worship that isn’t wasteful, probably isn’t really worship. Worship is an over flow of devotion to God. It’s not measured out or a set quantity, it not an offering of 27.5 minutes of worship. That may be an offering but it’s not worship.
Mary waited on His words. Initially, both girls sat to listen but Mary got distracted. Martha listened but Mary listened longer!
Friend, why don’t we become like a Bethany for Jesus. Worship and wait at His feet. He will turn up – He loves Bethany!