Feet like a Deer

David watched the deer graze on the rocky hills above him. It was amazing how they lived their whole life upon the massive and very steep rocks. In the morning they found the sun then move into the shade in the heat of the day. They found food around the rocky out crops and in the cool ravines they would rest and play. They seemed so confident on the rocks and it was a marvel to him how they never fell or stumbled, never lost their footing or their balance.
He thought to himself “He also makes my feet like the feet of deer.” (2Sam 22:34)
A deer’s foot has been incredibly made for its purpose. It has sharp hooves which enable the deer to go up very steep cliffs and large pointed dew claws at the back of his feet, to help him come down without slipping. They are able to negotiate the steep ups and downs in their life in the rock, without falling. God makes our feet like deer’s feet. As we live our life on the rock we negotiate times and paths that are sometime hard and very steep.
Friend, sometimes our way is so difficult we think we may slip but He has made our feet sure by equipping us for every rocky path he leads us. Be assured today He is able to keep you from falling and to finally present you perfect before Him.