Agree with God

When David faced Goliath in the valley, it was a battle of words not swords. The giant cursed David by his gods he said “Ill feed you to the birds.” But David didn’t allow himself to be cursed by the enemy. If David had of agreed with the confession of the giant, the story of David would never have been written. David would never have fulfilled the purpose God had for his life; never found his unique place in history.
Those words could have paralyzed him with fear. Instead David knew there is power when we believe Gods promises and speak them out boldly. (Ps.78) We can’t talk down and expect to go up. We can’t talk doubt and walk in faith. We can’t talk fear and walk in boldness.
Jesus said when we stand facing a mountain we should speak to it. When you are standing on the deck of a rocking ship, in the will of God, stand up and declare Gods promise. I’m not saying there will be no trouble but I’m saying God can bring us out of our troubles.
We need to open the door to Gods’ blessing with our declaration of faith and not bind the door shut. One time the disciples were praying for a miracle; Peter was in jail and they prayed for God to move. As the got into agreement with Gods will in prayer, God let him out by an angel. When Peter went to the church meeting, the church is still praying. He knocks on the door, but they don’t open the door immediately. The answer to their prayer is standing at the door and they don’t let Gods answer in
Friend, let’s not keep the door shut on God’s blessing or His answer to our prayers. Sometimes the answer to our prayer is standing at the door but our confession and our words are binding the door shut. Begin to agree with God’s word and see the door open and the answer walk in.