Once when visiting friends in Tanzania, we were taken to a snake zoo, where we saw on the walls, graphic photographs of men being swallowed whole by pythons. Guards had been attacked while sleeping and then swallowed by the big snakes. Pythons are attracted by the breath of their victims and when they have coiled themselves around the victim they squeeze the breath out of them till they are dead.
Many years ago I went through a time of real confusion in my life. I did everything I knew to do to break out of it but in the end I knew I needed help from friends I trusted. I had had the breath squeezed out of me.
When the Apostle Paul was breaking into new ground in a nation, he once found himself opposed by the devil, though a woman with a spirit of divination. The Greek word for divination, gives us python. Even in the spiritual realm the python spirit smells people with breath and life and creeps up on them to squeeze the breath out of them. He attacks you to squeeze the breath of life and vision out of you. The python spirit wants to bind you up emotionally and spiritually. What God put in you, the devil will seek to take out of you. Often it works through people like Jezebel, who squeezed the life out of Elijah and shut down the prophet in the land.
Friend, it’s an old device. It began in the garden, when the serpent turned up to squeeze the breath and life out of Adam. Don’t let him squeeze the life out of you. Get annoyed like Paul; rise up and cast it out.